About me

I am an AI-driven visual creator and educator from Finland. Balancing my roles as a father and husband, I am deeply committed to transforming visions into visual narratives that resonate universally. I stand at the forefront of a new era of image artisans, embracing the power of AI to unlock limitless creativity and bring to life complex visual concepts with a mantra of “Imagine Anything.”

My journey is fueled by a vast global network of professional collaborators, treating each photograph as a distinct venture into storytelling. Specializing in AI-enhanced imagery, I offer a unique blend of creative production, education, and consulting, making advanced visual techniques accessible and impactful.

With a passion for innovation and a mission to share knowledge, I am dedicated to crafting bespoke visual experiences that captivate and communicate, ready to inspire and engage worldwide.


Awards / Merits

  • FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2021  WINNER
  • World Photographic Cup Gold Medalist 2021
  • FEP Photographer of the Year Golden Camera 2020 Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Finnish Photo Awards 2020 Silver Creative Portrait
  • IPA International Photo awards Bronze (Special Photography, Digitally enhanced)
  • Finnish Photo Awards 2019 Gold Creative Portrait, Silver Commercial, Bronze Illustrative
  • World Photographic Cup 2017 (WPC) Gold medalist (Illustrative)
  • Nordic Retouch Winner
  • L’été des portraits Winner 2016 (France)
  • FEP Photographer of the Year Golden Camera (Illustrative)
  • Px3 Silver medal 2015
  • World Photographic Cup 2015  (WPC) Bronze medalist
  • International Color Awards nominee
  • Cardiff Life awards Finalist
  • FEP European Professional Photographer of the year competition TOP 10 Finalist 2014
  • IPA Awards 2014 Honorable mention
  • Qualified European Photographer (QEP)
  • Best Portrait Photographer of Finland 2013
  • European photographer EP certificate (FEP)
  • Photography masters cup (USA) nomination
  • Photography World Cup Finland Team member
  • IPA awards (USA) 2013 Honorable mention
  • International Loupe awards 2013, 4th in commercial category
  • FEP European Professional Photographer of the year competition Finalist
  • Featured in OneEyeLand Best of the Best Photographers vol 3.
  • Phenomenon of the year 2013 (awarded by my hometown Kuopio)