About me

I am a photographer & visual artist because I want to create something special, something people can relate and feel. Telling stories visually is my strength. In the digital era, the most impressive stories will be told in pictures.

Well, this is me. Digital artist, photographer, retoucher and educator from Finland. Internationally awarded commercial photographer. Father and a husband.

My mission is to build the visual experiences, which tells the story of you, your product, service or company, in a globally understandable way. I belong to a new generation of image artisans, to whom all things are possible. I create complex visual concepts and images with unlimited imagination. Imagine Anything.

I operate through an international network of professional resources. For me, every picture is a unique project. 

Available to work worldwide.

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Awards / Merits

  • FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2021  WINNER
  • World Photographic Cup Gold Medalist 2021
  • FEP Photographer of the Year Golden Camera 2020 Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Finnish Photo Awards 2020 Silver Creative Portrait
  • IPA International Photo awards Bronze (Special Photography, Digitally enhanced)
  • Finnish Photo Awards 2019 Gold Creative Portrait, Silver Commercial, Bronze Illustrative
  • World Photographic Cup 2017 (WPC) Gold medalist (Illustrative)
  • Nordic Retouch Winner
  • L’été des portraits Winner 2016 (France)
  • FEP Photographer of the Year Golden Camera (Illustrative)
  • Px3 Silver medal 2015
  • World Photographic Cup 2015  (WPC) Bronze medalist
  • International Color Awards nominee
  • Cardiff Life awards Finalist
  • FEP European Professional Photographer of the year competition TOP 10 Finalist 2014
  • IPA Awards 2014 Honorable mention
  • Qualified European Photographer (QEP)
  • Best Portrait Photographer of Finland 2013
  • European photographer EP certificate (FEP)
  • Photography masters cup (USA) nomination
  • Photography World Cup Finland Team member
  • IPA awards (USA) 2013 Honorable mention
  • International Loupe awards 2013, 4th in commercial category
  • FEP European Professional Photographer of the year competition Finalist
  • Featured in OneEyeLand Best of the Best Photographers vol 3.
  • Phenomenon of the year 2013 (awarded by my hometown Kuopio)