Aug 21
Beyond AI: The Making of ‘Inspiration Illuminated’ – A Story of Artistic Revival
Over the course of this summer, I embarked on a personal project aimed at rekindling my passion for creating images in the way I used to. Despite having immersed myself in AI tools over the past year, I had scarcely picked up a camera. Determined to break free from this trend, I set out to craft something truly original.
Aug 04
Ridiculously Strange Finland
Venture with me into the mesmerizing world of Ai images, where creativity knows no bounds! I couldn't resist the temptation to weave some visual wonders that celebrate the enchanting Finland, hailed as the World's Happiest Country.
Jun 30
I am thrilled to announce the release of an extraordinary AI project that I had the privilege to work on as part of an amazing team.
Case Helen : Creating a life-like social media influencer with Ai
Have you ever come across a project that feels like it was tailor-made for you? Well, that's exactly how I felt when Jari, the creative director of Kurio Agency, approached me about a unique AI-based project for one of Finland's largest energy companies, Helen.
Mar 03
Parliamentary election campaign with the help of Ai
The idea of the project was to create election advertising for the City of Vantaa in a really distinctive way, and above all, to use AI in the process.
Retrofuturism to the max, Case Lumeton
Lumeton tasked me with creating a fresh concept and imagery for their website, and I was eager to take on the challenge. As a lover of the 1950s aesthetic myself, I dove into researching elements for my mood board. My concept was to blend the nostalgia of the 50s with a futuristic twist - a concept known as retrofuturism. There was no shortage of inspiration for this theme, and I couldn't wait to put my ideas into practice.
Jan 31
Project : Oddity Outpost
Oddity Outpost is a cutting-edge AI generated art project that explores the boundaries of imagination and technology. This project blends advanced machine learning algorithms with human creativity to create a surreal and captivating alternate reality world.
Brand image campaign, visual strategy with Ai, Case Sakky Taitaja 2024
I have been learning about the possibilities of AI in image production for over a year, and now my process is in such good shape that I can carry out such a demanding project with this new technology at a sufficient quality and level.
The Finnish “Ai” Farmers Who Built the Country
For decades, photography has been a way to capture and preserve memories. Now, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a new form of “photo capturing”
Re-imagining my own images with Artificial intelligence
AI is a powerful tool that can be used to create new and interesting images. It can be used to create new images from scratch or to edit existing ones from a simple text prompt. I was curious and decided to try to use Ai to replicate my own pictures.
Bitcoin Queen
I'm sure everyone has heard about Bitcoin but have you thought about what would Bitcoin look like if it were a person? Would Bitcoin be a man or a woman or not even human? Turning abstract ideas into images is my favorite challenge, so I dove into my imagination to find the answer to the question: “What would Digital Gold look like if it were a person?”
Creative Block
Have you ever felt like you are out of ideas and unable to do anything creative or productive? That’s a creative block -a common phenomenon among artists, photographers, and other creatives. The block can be a result of many different factors including exhaustion, lack of inspiration, or feeling stuck in your work.
My sketches come alive as digital art + 5 Tips how to create original conceptual art
For a digital artist like me getting those unique ideas for my images is one of the most important things. I see them in my dreams, when I read a magazine or pretty much anywhere. I have learned that ideas are everywhere if you just allow yourself to see them.
Nov 11
Beginning of an adventure
When my son was 8 months old, we got a new member to our pack; a jackrussellterrier called Taksi (yes, that’s “taxi” in Finnish). We were not supposed to get another dog in addition to the two we already had, but Taksi sneaked into my wife’s heart by wobbling to sleep next to my son as soon as she was able to get out of the puppy pen.