My sketches come alive as digital art + 5 Tips how to create original conceptual art
For a digital artist like me getting those unique ideas for my images is one of the most important things. I see them in my dreams, when I read a magazine or pretty much anywhere. I have learned that ideas are everywhere if you just allow yourself to see them.
Nov 11
Beginning of an adventure
When my son was 8 months old, we got a new member to our pack; a jackrussellterrier called Taksi (yes, that’s “taxi” in Finnish). We were not supposed to get another dog in addition to the two we already had, but Taksi sneaked into my wife’s heart by wobbling to sleep next to my son as soon as she was able to get out of the puppy pen.
Running out of time
Have you ever felt the need to add some hours to your day to be able to get everything done? Have you hoped for another minute with a loved one? Are you worried about minutes, days, or even years running by like the dwindling sand in an hourglass?
Oct 17
A Harvest of Memories
Fall is coming once again and here in Finland, it means long long loooong dark days until we will get to spring again. Usually, we have snow from November on, but nowadays the winters are different. We might get snow, or we might not. We will see how it goes this time.
This is the year that we will all remember. Our kids will remember. January started off with record high heat waves and huge bushfires, especially in Australia. Images of koala bears rescued from trees are still embedded in my mind. And right after that, we faced the COVID. 
3 medals in FEP photographer of the year competition
3 medals in FEP photographer of the year competition
Before & After images of my digital art
As a digital artist, I create images that are usually almost unimaginable. For this, I have to have tools to achieve my visions and this is where my retouching background comes into play.
May 18
Color lives in the Shadows Lighting workshop
Last week I had my first LIVE workshop with new material since Digital Artist Master Class. Since many people have been asking how I use color filter and flashes in my images, I decided to put together a new workshop called "Color lives in the shadows".
Turn your composite images into Facebook 3D images without iPhone
It is finally here! Possibility to turn your images into Facebook 3D images without a phone. 
Why and when you should work for exposure: Project “Finding Gary Vee”
The question about working for free in creative business is probably as old as it gets. I bet there was some douchebag neanderthal not giving the fair share of meat to the cave painter because, after all, the artist would get exposure for his work. However, there is a time and place for “free work”, and this is a story of one of them times.
Turn The Blind Eye
I’m not an environmental activist. I’m more or less a regular dude who hates taking out biowaste, still drives a diesel because it is cheaper and recycles plastic because my wife says so. I enjoy our Finnish lake views, clean air, and peaceful sunsets, but rarely think about losing them...until recently.
Teaching photoshop techniques via replicating movie posters
I have always loved movie posters and teaching photography and retouching. Now I started to combine both as I started a new section on my Youtube -channel where I teach people how to re-create certain iconic movie posters in Photoshop. I'm using stock images to create my replications and try to find matching images in my final images.
I visited The Westworld
Since I'm a Westworld tv-show fan and Iina has similar features as the actor Evan Rachel Woods we ventured together into the world of Westworld.
Create value to yourself and your client by creating extra content
For almost every project I try to deliver also some extra content whether it is a blog, Youtube video, tutorial or bts (behind the scenes) material. You might ask why I spend so much time on creating these contents? For me creating content around my work is definitely one of my most important marketing things I do.