Creative Photography & Retouching workshop is available worldwide!

I have been educating photography, retouching, creativity, networking and many more areas of photography all over the world. I have been touring with Adobe and I have been even educating people at Google NY. Feel free to ask me a quote to bring my workshops to you, where ever you are. My most successful workshop is a 2-day workshop called Digital Artist Master Class where I go through all the essential information, photography and retouching techniques and also the marketing side to elevate your images and work to another level.

Contact for more information, availability, and prices.

Group size usually 12-15 people for hands-on workshops or lecture type with bigger audiences

Check out below some videos from my workshops



Course Outline for 2 Day workshop (international):


Introductions and round up about the workshop
Inspiration sources and “steal like an artist” concept
Example images layer by layer
How I shot certain images


Creative concepts, how to create
Moodboards and sketching
Image sources
Planning the photoshoot
Different lighting techniques


Selecting the images for retouching
Round up of the day


Day 1 Round up
Retouching techniques
– Frequency Separation
– Dodge & Burn techniques
– Color grading
– Sharpening
– Color Matching


Retouching techniques continues
– Composite image techniques
– Theory examples and best practices of composite photography
– cut out techniques, isolating the subject and elements
– Making a composite image
– Other creative techniques

Networking / sales / marketing
Business of things
Social media

Some images created during the workshops By Antti & Students